We offer a range of sports, clubs and activities at our school. These extracurricular activities are run by volunteers-our own staff-often with the help of parents or other community members.

Extracurricular activities are a great way for students to meet peers with similar interests. It's also a chance for students to explore their passions and interests outside of the classroom.

Sport's, Club's and Activities at Regent Park

Extra-Curricular Schedule
Band-junior & intermediate boys & girls September-June
Cross Country Running-boys & girls September-October
Flag Football-intermediate co-ed September-October
Basketball-intermediate girls September-November
Ukelele Club (Hummin & Strummin)-boys & girls all ages October-December
Volleyball-intermediate boys October-December
Guitar Club-junior & intermediate boys & girls October-June
Reading Club-grades 1-3 co-ed October-December
Volleyball-intermediate girls January-March
Rainbows Program-K-8 boys & girls January-June
Basketball-intermediate boys January-March
Chess Club-junior & intermediate boys & girls January-March
Wrestling-junior & intermediate boys & girls February-March
Hockey-intermediate co-ed February-March
Basketball-junior boys & girls April-May
Baseball-junior boys & girls May-June
Baseball-intermdiate boys & girls May-June
Track & Field-junior & intermediate boys & girls May-June