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Classes & Staff

​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind.

2018-2019 Regent Park Staff and Classes  

​Principal​Mr. Crozier
Vice Principal
SASEMrs. Burbidge
Clerk/StenoMrs. Blunt
FDKMrs. Black & Ms Murray
Mrs Ormsby & Mrs Loft
Mrs Simpson & Ms Shields

Grade 1       Mrs. Calverley
​Grade 1
​Mrs. Mullen
Grade 2
Ms. Gray
Grade 2Mr. Gabitous
​Grade 3
​Mr. Reid
Grade 3
Mrs. Strong
​Grade 4
​Mrs. Taylor
Grade 4/5Mrs. Lobb
​Grade 5/6
​Mr. Murrant
Grade 5 FI
Mr. Hayes
​Grade 5/6
​Mrs. Strong
​Grade 6 FI
Mme. Hickling
Grade 7 EFSL
Mme. Ducharme
Grade 6/7Ms. Healey
Grade 7/8
Mme. Lasci
​Grade 8 EFSL
Mr. McIntyre
​Grade 8
​Mrs. Irwin
Learning CentreMs. McClorey
SERTMrs. Cox, Mrs. Debassige, Mrs. Bergman
Social Skills
Mrs. van der Voort
​OSL​Ms. Smith
FSLMme. Jensen
Planning TimeMs. Bergman, Mrs. Thompson, Mr. White, Ms. Maynard
Mrs. Hare
Ms. Walsh, Ms. Holford
EAMr. Gammon, Mrs. Benoit, Mr. Taylor, Mrs. Delaronde,  Ms. Romano, Mrs. Janhunen, Mrs. Millman, Mr. England, Mrs. Bard
CustodianMr. Bylow, Mrs. Vivian, Mrs. Romanko,